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Do I Need Prime Adjusting Services?

The insurance company’s goal is to pay as little as possible - they are in the business of making money, not giving it away. More times than not, your insurance adjuster will prove inefficient in offering what you would consider to be the fair value of your loss.

Keep in mind the insurance company’s adjuster is paid by your insurance company, and therefore, represents their interests not yours. They do not work for you.

We do. Most of us are not prepared to deal with a property loss. Frequently we hear our clients state that they have never read their entire policy.

How Does Prime Adjusting Service Work For Me?

Our job is to settle your claim for the maximum dollars allowed, in the shortest time possible. We begin by reviewing your entire policy with you, identifying each individual nuance. Just as you would go to an accountant to prepare your taxes, Prime Adjusting Service is familiar with the maze of bureaucratic procedures, red tape, and countless unforeseen headaches that come with settling an insurance claim.

We decipher the fine print and clauses to ensure that you are aware of and receive all the benefits due to you. Many of the benefits available within your policy are not easily recognizable, and without help, you can easily shortchange yourself.

We ensure the settling of your insurance claim in a fair and timely manner. From the difficult and emotional tasks of boarding up your property, taking a full and detailed inventory, to the delivery of your final check, we persistently work side by side with you in communication and negation with your insurance company’s adjuster.

Why Does My Insurance Company Tell Me Not to Hire a Public Adjuster?

Insurance company representatives will often advise you not to retain any outside assistance. You will find that they want to bring out any or all of the following of their own choosing:

•   A contractor to define and record the structural damage
    to your property.

•   A personal property restoration company to assess the
    damages to your contents.

•   A contents removal (pack-out) company.



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